Engagement Options


  • Assets under our management pay a fee to compensate our team’s work.
  • We act as a fiduciary to your asset management and monitoring.
  • This engagement results in professionally-created, objectively researched, multimanager portfolios.
  • This arrangement results in an ongoing monitoring and education as long as assets are being managed by our team


  • Commission is paid by the insurance company on any products purchased.
  • Suitability standard of engagement (not fiduciary).
  • This engagement allows us to work within your existing plan to help satisfy elements of risk management, tax efficiency, cash management, and design of long-term strategies.
  • Our team will advise on and implement your risk management planning, and periodically revise the coverage as needed.

For more information on fees, refer to the Signature Advisory disclosure brochure. Fees illustrated do not include any transaction fees that may apply, or underlying management fees charged by any mutual funds or exchange traded funds (ETFs).